4-arm ruby red bohemian crystal chandelier decorated with high enamel

4-arm ruby red bohemian crystal chandelier decorated with high enamel

Metallfarbe: gold

Artikelnummer: 0699-4-SM

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A small red crystal chandelier made of ruby glass decorated with hand painting. Brush painted flowers with leaves of high enamel on a gold background. Such a small chandelier can be a suitable and affordable wedding gift for lovers of art glass and beautiful decorative things.

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Beschreibung des Kronleuchters

The ruby red crystal chandelier with hand painting of the high enamel.
Colored Crystal glass - hand blown red glass (glass stained with gold chloride).
Trimmings cut and polished almonds.
4 glass arms - E14 bulb, 40 watts
Dimensions (W x H): 60 x 48 cm/ 24.5"x19.6" (measured without a chain).
Weight: 4.2 Kg/ 9.3 lb

Packaging does not include bulbs.
The maximum time for sending: 14 days.
You can order color glass: cobalt blue, green, ruby red, opal white, (black)

Maße und Zusatzinfos

Höhe: 48 cm
Breite: 60 cm
Bruttogewicht: 7 kg
Anzahl Glühbirnen: 4
Farbe des Metalls: gold
Anwendung: Wohnzimmer Hotel rooms
Stile: Bohemian High Enamel